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The reasons we started Antique Abbey as a new online sales source:

  • Lack of traffic to the malls - people just don't shop like they used too because of gas prices and the economy
  • Dealers are paying too much in rent
  • Dealers are paying too much in commissions - usually 10 to 12% commission and dealer pays credit and debit fees
  • Mall owners playing favorites and featuring their own items over the everyday dealers
  • Mall owners featuring consignment items over the everyday dealers because the mall makes a higher percentage
  • Mall employees have booths and push their own merchandise 1st
  • Over abundance of product and overall mall size makes it hard for people find items
  • Small items needing to be locked up to avoid shoplifting
  • Customers swap price tags to get a lower price
  • Too many items get broken in a mall
  • If a large item sells your booth is left a mess until you come in and rearrange everything
  • Cramming too much in a booth because only so many products will fit in 10 by 10 area
  • Having to overprice items because the mall has an advertised sale and dealers are responsible to absorb the discount
  • Struggling during the off season - just not enough shoppers
  • Just not able to make enough profit to keep a shop open while the mall benefits from high profit margin!

Why sell on Antique Abbey:

  • Customers can shop from home 24 hours a day
  • Your customers become your friends through our social network giving you insight on what your best clients are looking for or what they collect
  • Expand your market from local walk in traffic to worldwide traffic
  • Items are easy to list and inventory is simple to control
  • No commissions - no matter how many items you list or sell
  • No favoritism! Mall owners do not control the way the customer shops on Antique Abbey
  • Impossible for customers to shoplift, change price tags, or break items while shopping
  • No more locked display cases for small items
  • Advanced search so customers can find your unique items without walking the isles of a mall
  • No more messy booths or children running through your shop
  • Targeted sales to friends, dealers and collectors with our advance social network
  • Social Network members see the new items listed every time they log in...bringing targeted products to your consumer
  • You are in control of sales and discounts - change your pricing with a click of a mouse
  • There is no off season in an online mall!
  • Need help with an unusual treasure? Ask your social network for help
  • Make a higher profit margin without over pricing you products
  • No extra charges for advertising or shop set up! It is included in your monthly fee
  • Already have a blog? Put a link in social network to get more traffic
  • Friendly staff that is always here to help Even if you are new to computers or the world wide web

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